Things To Consider When Buying Used Equipment

Things To Consider When Buying Used Equipment

Purchasing heavy equipment can be a massive undertaking, specifically if you are in the market to purchase used construction equipment. Used machinery is a cost-effective option, but you need to ensure it is functional equipment for your project. Used equipment is often thought to have more risks and to reduce these risks and find a fair deal, consider these tips before buying used heavy equipment to avoid wasting your time and huge amounts of money.



The first step would be to inspect the current condition of the machine as you want to be sure everything is perfectly working as advertised for example the general appearance, visibility of any cracks or welds, the condition of the attachments etc.


The amount of time that machinery has been used is a significant factor when considering its further usefulness. Age and maintenance both have an effect on how substantial operating hours are for equipment as little use and good maintenance practices can be beneficial for the buyer. 

Machinery used full time is bound to wear down quickly and require replacement parts more often than part-time use. The former owner will ideally be able to estimate the average amount it was used per week, which gives an insight into the continued lifespan of the equipment. While age constitutes a large portion of the value of the used construction equipment, annual use is a critical factor in the worth of construction equipment.


The listing price should not be at the same as a new piece of equipment and should instead represent the worth of a machine based on its operations, age and past maintenance. However, the listing price should not be dangerously low either because that doesn’t send a good signal.

Salvage value and depreciation are two very important factors in evaluating the potential cost of used equipment as most used equipment only retains about 50 percent of the original value of the machine after being placed on the market after the first fourth of its lifespan.  The value of a machine keeps declining, although many still think of well-maintained machinery to be advantageous despite the age.

be careful to choose a machine that still has replacement parts available. Select a model of machinery whose manufacturer still carries the parts that you suspect will wear down most quickly. If the replacement parts are available there will be less downtime when a problem does arise as you will be able locate the piece quickly and have it delivered sooner for the machine to be to be up and running again shortly. To prevent hold-ups, it is best to find equipment and parts that will be readily available.

More resources are available for popular types of construction equipment generally. If you are unsure how to proceed with repairs, taking advice from local dealerships or machinery experts can help as it is likely that other machinery traders must have dealt with a similar complication and are ready to share the answer with you.


as a buyer you should always ask for an inspection report because inspection reports give detailed insight about the machine’s current (in)visible condition.

These reports can, however, be biased so it is important to double check the report with its visible condition.



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