Domains where you can work as a family lawyer after doing your LLB

Domains where you can work as a family lawyer after doing your LLB

Law is one of the most crucial pillars of democracy. It is the law that makes the different domains in our country run on the suggested track. We have a special division that takes care of the law and order. To become a part of this clan is a matter of respect and pride. Many aspirants choose to become a lawyer after they complete their higher secondary level education. They study hard, prepare for the entrance tests and find admission to the top LLB college in Jaipur.

It is then they decide to choose a professional specialization to become a lawyer. The course helps them decide which way is suitable for their career. Hence, a bachelor in law is the foundation course that one needs to comprehend to step ahead on the career track. One of the most popular choices of specialization is family law. There are so many different aspects of family law that a student will learn in the bachelor’s course and then will specialize in the advanced courses. Let us take a look at the journey to become a professional family lawyer by studying in the LLB best college in Jaipur.

Eligibility for becoming a family lawyer

The applicant will have to cross the Higher Secondary Level with at least 50% marks in aggregate. He must have to complete a bachelor’s level education from any domain to pursue a bachelor’s course in law. It means that the aspirant will have to gather two bachelor’s degrees to create a foundation of law and then proceed to seek a specialization course on family law. All these courses can be done in the LLB best college in Jaipur.

Make sure you have learned and followed the eligibility criteria of the colleges before you take admission. Check whether there is an entrance exam you have to appear to prove your skills and enlist as a prime candidate for the conducted courses.

Job profiles as a family lawyer

If you have chosen to become a family lawyer, you also need to know the various domains where you can build your career. These are the domains where you can make your own career.

  • Professor

You can pursue an LLM degree in Family Law and then proceed to make your academic curriculum even better by pursuing a doctoral program. In this way, you will become eligible for each family law to the aspirants like you in the top LLB college in Jaipur.

  • Family advocate

As the name suggests, you will become eligible to become a family advocate appointed by the families for handling various legal issues. Issues such as parental rights, property rights, etc are solved by the family advocate. In fact, you will also have to represent the family at court.

  • Divorce lawyer

After completing your studies in the LLB best college in Jaipur, you can pursue a course as a divorce lawyer and mitigate cases related to marriage-related disputes.




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