Fashion Design and the Mass Market

Fashion Design and the Mass Market

When one thinks of fashion designing, there is a tendency to imagine a job that is conducted exclusively in a design studio and is solely concerned with the creation of new designs for exclusive pieces to be sold at relatively high prices. As the fashion industry has long known, most of the profit to be obtained is to be made in the mass market at competitive prices. When studying Fashion Design at one of the best colleges in Navi Mumbai, graduates learn about both aspects of the trade: the exclusive and the mass market.

Trickle-Down Design:

Fashion is a fickle field insofar as it is never in a state of stasis but in constant evolution and change. What is in fashion today rapidly evolves into the fashion of tomorrow as fashion designers evolve their designs across the months of just a single year. However, the state of fashion worn generally by people does not change quite as rapidly as that. The iconic looks in many fashion shows eventually trickle down the chain from high fashion to street fashion to be unknowingly worn by people unaware of high fashion.

For a young designer studying in one of the best institutes for Fashion Designing courses in Mumbai, it is vital to remember that what you design for a fashion show is not what you will design for something that will be mass-produced in a clothing factory. Most high fashion designers nowadays also have a more accessible version of their fashion retailed through their prêt-à-porter retail outlets.

Retail Careers:

Young designers from one of the best colleges in Navi Mumbai have another alternate profession available to them. the role of a merchandiser or a retail merchandiser for clothing brands. This is an interesting mix between the roles of salesperson and designer as it involves liaising between product designers and product buyers to decide what the new product line of a company should be to improve sales by delivering what the customer wants. This is a rather important role as it decides how the brand is perceived and how it performs in the market.


Fashion designers graduating from one of the best institutes for Fashion Designing courses in Mumbai may only be paid between 1 and 2 lakhs per annum. As a retail manager, a young design graduate can earn nearly 10 lakh per annum in senior roles. This would be a highly recommended job for a young fashion designer, but this hardly says that other fashion design roles cannot be equally or more financially remunerative. After all, if you make a name for yourself as a fashion designer, you can earn a satisfyingly good income.





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