Hotel & Hospitality Carpets: An Insight

Hotel & Hospitality Carpets: An Insight

Introduction to Hotel & Hospitality Carpets

If you look around the hotel & hospitality industry anywhere in this world, the one thing that will strike you most is that offering great service here invariably means creating a first-rate experience. So, whether you are designing and selecting carpets for hotels, restaurants, bars or clubs – remember, a great experience begins in a flawless and unique environment. Hence, your job is to engage and impress patrons from the moment they get in touch with you. And, there could be which other  better way to do this than by designing the surface they set their foot onto? Yes, we are talking about ‘Flooring’. And in case you are in the process of building a new hospitality project and are thinking of commercial carpets as a flooring option, know that with a kaleidoscope of designs & styles, great acoustic properties and undoubted comfort, hotel carpets could turn out to be just the best flooring option for your next hospitality project.

We understand that each hospitality project is distinct from the other and that each has its own objectives and aims for a one-of-its-kind ambiance. That being so, it can be indeed challenging to choose the right hospitality carpeting for your project. That is why we have put together this brief  guide to help you walk through every step of the process, from selection of your hospitality carpet, all the way to installation and care. Happy reading!

Why to use Hotel & Hospitality Carpets vis-à-vis Hard Flooring

The answer to this question is that – in order to create a unique and comfortable environment that solves for the abundance of sound and other special requirements inherent in hospitality establishments, the right thing to do would be to go for carpets that are specifically designed for hotels, bars, restaurants, and conference rooms.

Here, let us tell you that while other flooring options – such as hardwood, polished concrete or tiles – have their place in certain projects, but generally speaking, these options fall short of the multiplicity  of style, design, texture and construction type that hospitality carpeting can provide. What’s more, if hospitality carpets are installed correctly and are maintained properly, their benefits simply cannot be surpassed. Enumerated below are a few of them:

Key benefits of hotel & hospitality carpets

  • They offer greater diversity of style
  • They also offer great durability
  • You can reduce noise levels with a quality hospitality carpet
  • You need not worry about static electricity with a hospitality carpet
  • These carpets can help in controlling temperature and thereby improve energy efficiency
  • You can improve safety with a hospitality carpet in terms of softness of the floors
  • These carpets score high on sustainability because top manufacturers, such as Qaaleen Carpets, actively avoid environmentally harmful additives like bitumen and PVC in their carpet backing.

Hotel & Hospitality Carpet Design Considerations: Wall-to-Wall Carpet vs. Carpet Tiles

So, if you are convinced about hospitality carpeting, there are still many choices to take into account before zeroing  into your final selection. Colours and patterns may appear to be your hardest choices, but actually it isn’t the case. First of all, you have to choose if you want to use wall-to-wall carpets or carpet tiles for your hospitality project.

Advantages of using wall-to-wall carpets for your hospitality project

Also known as “broadloom” or “fitted carpets”, wall-to-wall carpet, offers superior quality and design versatility. Notwithstanding the name, a wall-to-wall carpet does not need to cover an entire room per say. They can be restricted to specific areas and may even be used to go with other flooring types.

Advantages of using carpet tiles for your hospitality project

Carpet tiles, on the other hand, are small squares of carpet that can be combined and installed in several different ways. Cost-effective and quicker and easier to install, these carpet tiles are also, generate less waste in the installation phase because of their modularity and small size. They are furthermore, easier to sub-out and replace should a single tile be destroyed or stained. Because of these characteristics, these carpet tiles are frequently used in bars, clubs, and even restaurants.

Design Options: Tufted, Woven or Needle Punched Carpet

When you get to the stage of determining your design considerations, you’ll be confronted with the choice of selecting one between Tufted carpets, Woven carpets, and Needle punched carpets. A word about each of them:

Tufted carpets

Tufted carpets – that accounts for 95% of all commercial hospitality carpets in the market – have a fast production time, lower price point and come in the variety of different designs. However, when superior quality and endurance are your top concern, they might not be the most attractive option.

Woven carpets

Until the 1950s, “Woven Carpets” – or, carpets that are produced on a loom – were the only available option. Thereafter, innovation in production machinery and synthetic materials have made other options possible. But, woven carpets are still a popular choice and they are selected today mainly because of their superior quality and durability, and that too particularly with natural materials.

Needle-punched carpets

Needle-punched carpets are quintessentially colourfast, they dry quickly and are resistant to sunlight and fading. However, with regard to their look and feel,  they lack versatility. Although not recommended for general use, needle-punched carpets are good for things like entry mats.

Choosing the Right Hospitality Carpet

Reading through thus far, we hope that you now have a basic understanding about the benefits of using a carpet design for your hospitality project and the several choices you have, in terms of hospitality carpet’s form and construction.  So, what else should you consider?

Here, let us tell you some other principal properties that you must keep in mind when choosing a hospitality carpet. These are acoustics, durability and soil resistance. That said, in the final analysis, the properties you should consider depend on the nature of the space you are designing – for example, is it a high-end, or more casual space?

Hospitality carpets for a high-end projects

If you are designing and selecting hospitality carpets for a five-star hotel or top-of-the-line restaurant, there’s no question, your client and their future patrons will want every detail tended to. And, this doesn’t anymore mean choosing the best of the best materials. It means telling a story with your carpet design choices and creating an experience unique to the establishment you are designing for.

Hospitality carpets for the more casual space

For a casual space – like, a bistro, pub, bar, or club – a custom designed carpet might not be necessary. For projects like these, your best bet might be to go with a standard selection of hospitality carpets that come in a wide range of colours, patterns and textures to choose from. If cost-savings and regular maintenance are your top concerns, you may instead consider carpet tiles.

Recommended colour for hospitality carpets

In the hospitality business, stains and dirt on the carpets is a real concern that you need take into consideration when choosing the right carpet for your hotel, bar or restaurant environment. The most suitable advice is to go for a medium range colour that would work best for concealing stains – both light and dark and offer little contrast to daily soil build-up so that they don’t easily catch the attention. By doing this, your carpet – no matter whether it is located in a hotel or a bar environment – will look clean and new for years to come.

And, that’s not all! There are the following more aspects about commercial carpets that you will have to consider while choosing which hotel carpets or hospitality carpeting is just right for your project:

  • Designing for Acoustics With Hospitality Carpets
  • Understanding Carpet Properties
  • Other classifications and tests for carpets like Fire Classification, Colour Fastness, Light Reflectance Value, and test for carpet’s acoustical absorption
  • Hospitality Carpet Maintenance
  • How Much Will Your Hospitality Carpet Cost?
  • Custom Vs. Standard Carpets

And thereafter, you will need to know all that is required to be done before you’re ready for installation. With so much to be done, the best course of action would be to get in touch with a top carpet manufacture like QAALEEN Carpets that also offer advisory consultancy and take all the help and assistance in this regard. Rest assured, from idea to unique carpet solution – no matter where you are in the process – they would be delighted to help you.



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