Scuba Diving in Lebanon – Limit Breakers by Nassif Zouein

Scuba Diving in Lebanon – Limit Breakers by Nassif Zouein

Are you ready to explore the captivating world of scuba diving in Lebanon? Your search ends here with Limit Breakers by Nassif, the ultimate choice for an exceptional scuba diving experience. 


Led by the experienced Instructor and Rescue Professional, Nassif Zouein, Limit Breakers is your gateway to the captivating world beneath the surface. Nassif’s expertise and passion for diving will ensure that you receive top-notch instruction and personalized guidance throughout your diving journey.

At Limit Breakers, we believe that scuba diving is not just a sport but a transformative experience. It allows you to escape the ordinary and challenge yourself. 

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced diver, Limit Breakers offers a range of scuba diving packages tailored to your skill level and interests. Dive into crystal-clear waters, navigate through underwater caves, and encounter an array of marine species as you create unforgettable memories with Limit Breakers.

Our commitment to safety is paramount. We adhere to strict standards and protocols to ensure your well-being throughout every dive. 

Our 2023 season brings you incredible group diving package deals that include an expert guide, top-notch gear rental, a comprehensive pre-dive briefing, and professionally captured photos/videos to preserve your cherished memories.

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!

Join us at Limit Breakers by Nassif and unlock a world of adventure, discovery, and personal growth, where every dive promises to be thrilling and transformative. 

Seize the chance to indulge in scuba diving in Lebanon with Limit Breakers by Nassif.. Contact us today at +961 70 326469 or drop us a mail at to book your scuba diving adventure.



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