What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Learning Ethical Hacking?

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Learning Ethical Hacking?


Ethical hacking, or “white-hat hacking,” refers to an authorized attempt to get unauthorized access to a system or a computer. Ethical hacking is used to detect flaws within the existing systems in an IT environment with the target’s consent. Unlike malicious hacking that aims to gain unauthorized access for financial gains or authorization, ethical hacking helps organizations spot vulnerabilities within their systems before malicious hackers detect and exploit them. Ethical or white-hat hackers are legally hired by the authorities to detect vulnerabilities that could threaten the organization. Ethical hackers generally hold positions like Penetration Testers, Security Analysts, Security Engineers, etc. Different types of hacking include Website Hacking, Computer Hacking, Email Hacking, Network Hacking, Password Hacking, etc. With a rise in the number of cybercrimes, ethical hacking is an effective strategy to prevent an organization or a system from suffering losses at the hands of the black-hat or malicious hackers. Various organizations look for ethical hackers to protect their systems from fraud, which has led to the demand for ethical hackers in the industry. One can join the Ethical Hacking Online course to learn ethical hacking techniques and work for different organizations.

This blog provides insight into the benefits and disadvantages of learning ethical hacking. Read on to know more.

Advantages Of Ethical Hacking

The advantages of ethical hacking include the following:

  1. Ethical hacking enables organizations to fight against cyberterrorism and national security breaches.
  2. Ethical hacking facilitates preventive action against hackers and potential threats to the systems from malicious hackers.
  3. With the help of ethical hacking, a system can be built to prevent any penetration by malicious hackers.
  4. Ethical Hacking provides greater security to banking and financial organizations o ensure flawless functioning.
  5. Ethical hacking helps organizations detect and close the loopholes in a system or a network to prevent the entry of black-hat hackers.

Disadvantages Of Ethical Hacking

Let us now look at some of the disadvantages of ethical hacking

  1. Ethical hacking may lead to the corruption of the files or vital data of an organization.
  2. Ethical hackers might use the information gained for malicious uses later. Therefore, trustful programmers of an organization are expected to learn ethical hacking to avoid hiring outsiders.
  3. Hiring ethical hackers will increase the costs of the company as they charge massive amounts for their hacking operations.
  4. Ethical hacking can breach an individual’s or organization’s privacy and reveal vital information.
  5. The ethical hacking system is unconstitutional and hampers the system operation of organizations or individuals.


To sum up, ethical hacking is an efficient strategy to protect organizations and systems from malicious hackers. The white-hat hackers are legally hired professionals who penetrate an organization’s systems to detect loopholes and potential threats. Ethical hackers identify and resolve loopholes and suggest methods to safeguard the organization’s vital data and systems from black-hat hackers. Various institutes offer Ethical Hacking Training in Delhi to help professionals learn different ethical hacking techniques. This strategy is extremely beneficial to fight against cyber terrorism and protect national security. Additionally, ethical hacking helps organizations build systems to prevent malicious hackers from entering the systems and enhance the system’s security to safeguard vital data and information. There are certain disadvantages of ethical hacking as well. Ethical hacking exposes essential information about an organization. This information can later be used for malicious purposes by the ethical hacker. This system is unconstitutional and can cause privacy breaches for individuals. Furthermore, the payment of ethical hackers can increase an organization’s costs. However, these factors can be considered when protecting a vast organization, thus making ethical hacking an excellent solution to fight security breaches.



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