What is a tracking system for security guards?

What is a tracking system for security guards?

Managers of security companies have a lot on their plates, and it can sometimes be difficult to keep track of everything.

It can occasionally be difficult for the managers of security businesses to keep track of everything because they have a lot on their plates. You must understand what we are saying if you are attempting to manage the tasks and schedules of your security company without the proper assistance.

When we say “the correct support,” we mean that you must use certain technologies and methods to automate the job. By doing so, you may make it easier for the managers or supervisors and improve the efficiency of the security guards. The security guard tracking system is one such system.

Explained: A Guard Tracking System

Many security guards are required to work for clients by security companies. They carry out their duties at workplaces, homes, apartment buildings, corporate events, or patrols. It’s a little difficult to manually keep track of all these security personnel, their duty locations, and shift times. A security guard tracking, however, takes care of everything for you.

This system takes care of everything for you, making the job of supervisors simple, from scheduling to tracking to sending help in case of emergencies. Check out Novagems’ security guard tracking software if you’re seeking a system that can handle the grunt work for you. It includes a tonne of features and makes it easy for you to automate everything.

Now let’s examine the qualities a good guard management system should have and what to look for in one:

1) Simple Scheduling

Scheduling the assignments for the guards is the largest difficulty faced by managers or supervisors of security guards. Everything needs management, from tracking guards to giving them tasks, shifts, etc.

A security guard tracking system enables straightforward scheduling for the managers, making it simple and uncomplicated for them. You can create daily, weekly, and monthly schedules using the scheduling function. You can view all of a guard’s assigned sites, their shift schedules, etc. in one window thanks to the user interface. Red Yellow Green (RYG) indicators can be used to color-code the daily schedules for easier comprehension. The best aspect is that after creating the schedule just once, you can reuse the same template going forward.

Therefore, scheduling can be done easily with a guard tracking system, which is also kind of fun!

2) GPS Tracking

Security guard GPS tracker, a key component of a security guard tracking system, offers numerous benefits to management. You can not only find the guards but also quickly dispatch assistance in an emergency.

Geofencing is a capability that is available in addition to GPS tracking. The manager can set a geofence for the guard using this capability. The supervisors are immediately notified whenever they leave or enter the designated area. In order to monitor the security guards and determine whether they arrived on time, they can do so.

Guards on patrol can also benefit from GPS tracking capability. While on patrol, the guards have a guard monitoring device installed on their phones that enables the supervisor to GPS track them. They can therefore view the patrol car’s current location. The supervisors can let the guards know if the route changes for any reason. Additionally, supervisors can use GPS tracking to send immediate assistance to the scene in the event that the patrolling vehicle is involved in an accident and the guard is not responding.

3.) Emergency Response

A guard management system also provides emergency response, which is an extension of the aforementioned benefit. The management can react quickly in an emergency thanks to GPS tracking and real-time monitoring of guards’ activities.

A panic button or an emergency alert can be used by security personnel to warn their managers or the control center. With the use of this feature, the system notifies the control center that the guard requires assistance, and they promptly dispatch backup and assistance.

When a guard has to provide images and videos of the occurrence for more clarity, capabilities like incident reporting may be useful. As a result, management can act appropriately and promptly. These characteristics can stop many mishaps and incidents that could prove fatal for the guards and their clients as well.

4.) Ease for the Guards

A guard tour monitoring system is quite useful for the guards as well as the supervisors. Such a system will assist the guards in taking preventative measures by providing an intuitive dashboard and features that are easy to understand.

The guards can perform a wide range of tasks with such a system, including recording attendance, sharing reports, and sending panic alerts. With the proper application of such a system, the guards can facilitate the management’s work and foresee many risks and accidents.

So a security guard tracking system with these features can assist guards and supervisors alike and make things simpler for them.

Contact Novagems to find out more about our solutions if you need a security guard management and tracking system for your security firm. You can automate and simplify things to a great extent with its assistance.






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