HBO Max Error Code 905: Find Reasons, Causes, and Solutions

HBO Max Error Code 905: Find Reasons, Causes, and Solutions

You’re not the only person who experiences an error message with HBO Max Error Code 905 during the course of streaming your favorite show on HBO Max. This error is pretty frequent and might be challenging to handle its occurrence.  Fortunately, there really are multiple causes and reasons for this issue as well as many treatments for it.

What Is HBO Max Error Code 905?

When there is an issue with the HBO Max app or service, an error message known as HBO error code 9055, occurs. This error code often turns up when users attempt to stream video from the app, and it can be caused by a variety of factors, including server problems, out-of-date app versions, or issues with cache and cookies. Users can try resolving methods including cleaning their browser’s cache and cookies, updating the app, or contacting HBO Max support for more assistance in order to fix this error.

Possible Reasons and Causes of HBO Max Error Code 905

Before you dive into the feasible solutions to fix such errors, let’s explore the reasons why this error is taking place:

1. Server Issues:

One of the most common and primary reasons behind such HBO Max errors is server problems. However, you can’t stream any content on HBO, the related servers are down; you have to wait until it resumes.

2. Overloading of Cache and Cookies:

Cache and cookies refer to temporary files that your smartphone and applications store. Sometimes these files may create trouble when you stream any online content and cause the same error with streaming services like HBO Max.

3. HBO App Version Is Not Up-to-Date:

Another common reason why you are facing HBO Max errors is the continuous use of the outdated app version. So, if you’re using an old version, you need to download the latest version and make sure it is compatible.

4. Internet Glitches:

Sometimes, your device may store digital threats and glitches due to several reasons. However, it can give birth to several problems and you might also face errors with your online applications. Unfortunately, the same goes with HBO MAX Application and you might face different issues while streaming online content.

How to Find the Feasible Solutions to Fix HBO Max Error Code 905

By knowing the reasons and causes, you can find it easy to handle these types of errors with the HBO application. Let’s take a look at some solutions through which you can fix such errors within the least time frame:

1. Update the HBO App:

An outdated version of the HBO app may create a lot of performance issue and shows unknown errors. However, you’ll need to update it and get the latest version of the application for better usability. To do so, you have to consider going to your Google app store or Apple Store to find the latest upgrade of the HBO app.

2. Check for Server Issues:

The very first thing you will have to perform as a troubleshooting step is to check if the HBO servers are down. To confirm whether it is down or not, you can consider visiting the Down Detector website. Alternatively, you can also take a look at the official HBO Twitter page and find clarity.

3. Restart Your Device:

Sometimes, the error can be annihilated by a simple restart of your mobile. You just have to turn off your device and then turn it on after a couple of minutes.

4. Clear Cache And Cookies From Your Device:

Clearing your browser’s cache and cookies can also help fix this error. You can do this by going to your browser settings and finding the option to clear cache and cookies.

5. Contact HBO Max Support:

If none of the above troubleshooting treatments work to sort out HBO Max Error Code 905, don’t worry. All you will need to do is contact HBO Max support without making any delay. They can assist you to troubleshoot the entire host of errors and provide the best-personalized solutions in the comfort of your home.


The unexpected occurrence of HBO Error Code 905 can be frustrating, but this blog post helps in annihilating it. By understanding the reasons and causes behind such errors, you will be able to find the best solution. However, you have to apply these treatments and you will get rid of all such problems from the root.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch HBO Max support representative for further assistance if anything goes wrong! In addition, you should also keep checking our website for more troubleshooting tips and solutions to such errors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is HBO Max error code 905?
It’s a common error that occurs when trying to play videos on the HBO Max app.

Why does error code 905 occur?
This error occurs due to a problem with the HBO Max app or the device it’s running on.

How can I fix error code 905 on HBO Max?
Clear the cache and data of the HBO Max app or reinstall it. You can also try restarting your device or updating the app.

Is error code 905 specific to a particular device?
No, it can occur on any device running the HBO Max app, including smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs.

Can network connectivity issues cause error code 905?
Yes, a poor internet connection can cause this error code. Ensure your device is connected to a stable and fast network.

How long does it take to fix error code 905 on HBO Max?
It should take only a few minutes to fix the error code by clearing the cache and data or restarting the device.



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